FutureGuide®-BIS-B-200 NEW ITU-T G.657.A2 (+ 200µm Coating Diameter)

Ürün Kodu WRZLPI

Optical fiber networks in urban areas demand more effective utilization of available space by installing high density and more fiber-count cables underground. Especially, such demand is increasing in access network. Employing our innovative fiber coating technology in FutureGuide®-BIS-B, we launch a new ITU-T G.657.A2 fiber with 200μm coating diameter named FutureGuide®-BIS-B-200. The fiber has drastically reduced coating diameter, while keeping microbend characteristics equivalent to conventional fibers. The 200μm coating diameter with tolerable microbend performance allows around 40% reduction of cable cross-section area. In addition, superior macrobending performance helps to install optical cables into narrower spaces with easy handling. This new fiber strongly contributes to not only more effective utilization of available space but also saves costs of manufacture, transportation and installation of cables.

  • Reduced coating diameter down to 200µm with tolerable microbend performance
  • Superior macrobend performance complying with ITU-T G.657.A2
  • Zero(low)-water peak attenuation complying with ITU-T G.652.D